Edinburgh Trout Anglers Outings 2009 Results

Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club Events Calendar.

(2009 Season).

The Club’s Champion Angler for 2009 was Mr. J.B. Bell


(Outing 12)

The Lake of Menteith –

17th September

Conditions – Variable, flat calm/bright, occasionally overcast

14 rods, 44 trout caught, weighing 101lb 3oz

(Outing 11)

Glencorse Reservoir –

6th September 2009.

Conditions – Variable, windy and cool


9 rods  16 trout caught, weighing 27lb 9oz

Four anglers had the maximum basket.

(Outing 10)

The Lake of Menteith –

20th August 2009.

Conditions; Windy at times, wet at times,

good at times,

(Outing 9)

weighing 84lb 8oz Heaviest basket, 5 trout weighing in afternoon 35 trout caught,13lb 2oz Four anglers had the limit (5 fish)

(Outing 8)

Loch Leven

30th June 2008 Conditionsgood with southwest breeze

8 Rods. 1 trout caught.

(Outing 7)

Frandy Reservoir –

5th July 2009

Conditions – warm water with bright conditions,

13 rods,16 trout caught, weighing 33lb 5oz.

(Outing 6)

Loch Leven-

26th June 2009.

Conditions:Cold with Strong South Easterly winds.

16 Rods 2 trout caught.

(Outing 5)


6th June 2009,

Conditions -Good, calm and dry,

12 rods,27 trout caught, weighing 64lb 3oz, [One angler had the maximum permitted basket (6)}

(Outing 4)

Carron Reservoir

7th June 2009. Conditions – windy and bright,

11 rods,34 trout caught, weighing 66lb. 8oz. [2 anglers had the maximum permitted basket (5)]

(Outing 3)

Glencorse Reservoir-

24th May 2009. Conditions, windy and bright, settling later in evening.

11 rods 27 trout caught, weighing 52lb 5oz,Heaviest basket, 4 trout weighing 9lb.1oz, Mr. W.A.

Archibald.Heaviest trout, a Rainbow weighing 3lb.2oz, Mr. W.A. Archibald.


(Outing 2)

Carron Reservoir-

12th May 2009. Conditions – windy and bright

9 rods,12 trout caught, weighing 28lb 9oz.Heaviest fish – A Rainbow Trout in good condition, wieghing 8lb 15oz., caught on an Ace of Spades by Mr. J.A.G. Gargaro, netted by Mr. J.B. Bell.

(Outing 1)

Glencorse Reservoir-

3rd May 2009. Conditions – Difficult, windy,cold and bright.

12 rods,30 trout caught, weighing 47lb.11oz.

Honorable Club Secretary

Alan Gray

Contact Address at:
29 Dundas Street

Edinburgh, EH3 6QQ

telephone 0131-556 6656 -Mon -Friday After 7pm.

or E-mail Address trouties1899@gmail.com

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