Edinburgh Trout Anglers Outings 2013 Results

Edin­burgh Trout Anglers Club Events .

(2013 Season).

Lin­lithgow Loch Thursday 25th April Day out­ing

(Out­ing 1)


 Lin­lithgow Loch – Thursday 25th April (day outing)

Con­di­tions; Cold in morn­ing, with occa­sional showers all day.

6 rods

13 fish caught, with a com­bined weight of 35lb 8oz


Heav­iest fish caught by J.B. Bell – 4lb 4oz


(Out­ing 2)

The Lake of Men­teith — Thursday 9th May (day outing)

Con­di­tions; A bit windy at times, rain later.

8 rods.

28 fish caught, with a com­bined weight of 68lb.

Three anglers has bag limits.


 (Out­ing 3)

Lin­lithgow Loch — Thursday 22nd May (Even­ing outing)

Con­di­tions; Cold wind, eas­ing later

10 rods

25 fish caught, with a com­bined weight of 76lb 8oz

Best bas­ket, six fish weigh­ing 24lb

Heav­iest fish; 6lb caught by K.J. Wood.


(Out­ing 4)

Car­ron Val­ley — Sunday 8th June (Even­ing outing)

Con­di­tions; Bright early, very cold later

9 rods

7 fish caught, three Rain­bow Trout and four Brown Trout.




The trout fish­ing on the loch is man­aged by Car­ron Val­ley


(Out­ing 5)

Loch Leven 27th June (Even­ing outing)

Con­di­tions good, but fish not rising

10 rods

8 fish caught

Heav­iest fish. 2lb 11oz caught by Dr. A. Morrison,


(Outing 6)

 Car­ron Val­ley Reser­voir — Sunday 21st July

(Even­ing outing)

Con­di­tions good, a bit windy at times.

6 rods

17 fish caught, weigh­ing 26lb 14oz

Heav­iest bas­ket. Dr. A. Mor­rison — 4 fish weigh­ing 7lb 2oz.

(Out­ing 7)

The Lake of Men­teith — Thursday 1st August (Day outing)

Con­di­tions, good with rain dur­ing most of the day

11 rods

40 fish caught, weigh­ing 106lb 14oz

Heav­iest bas­ket, .J.K.Wood — 5 fish weigh­ing 16lb 10oz

Heav­iest fish, 6lb 14oz caught by K.J. Wood.



(Out­ing 8)

The Lake of Men­teith — Thursday 15th August (Day out­ing)
Con­di­tions — good with some rain at times, over­cast, light winds
13 rods
44 fish caught, weigh­ing 115lb 2oz
Heav­iest bas­ket (by a guest) 5 fish weigh­ing 18lb 8oz

(Out­ing 9)

Loch Leven — Sunday 1st Septem­ber (Day out­ing)
Con­di­tions — very windy
8 rods
3 fish caught, weigh­ing 2lb 8oz.


(Out­ing 10)

The Lake of Men­teith — Thursday 3rd Octo­ber (Day out­ing)
Con­di­tions — Good, with a light wind and very mild
11 rods
28 fish caught,weighing 80lb 8oz.

J. Miller has won the Club’s

Cen­ten­ary Year Shield

Edin­burgh Trout Anglers Club




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