Edinburgh Trout Anglers Outings 2011 Results

Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club Events Calendar.

(2011 Season).

 (Outing 1)

Crosswood Reservoir –

Sunday 1st May

9 rods

Conditions – Bright and breezy

25 fish cauht, with a combined weight of 52lb 12oz.


(Outing 2)

The Lake of Menteith –

10th may

Day outing Conditions –

windy 12 rods 32 fish caught,

with a total weight of 68lb 7oz.


(Outing 3)

Linlithgow Loch


 “Cancelled because of high winds”.



(Outing 4)

Loch Carron Reservoir –

2nd June (evening outing)

Conditions – Bright, but good

12 rods

25 fish caught, with a total weight of 53lb 12oz

Heaviest fish – a 7lb 5oz Rainbow Trout caught by J.B. Bell.


(Outing 5)

Frandy Reservoir –

14th June (Evening outing)

5 rods, 16 fish caugt, with a total weight of 40lb Guest (G. Walder) 6 fish weighing 17lb.


( Outing 6)

Loch Leven – 

23rd June

(Evening outing)

Conditions – Good, cold later

12 rods,

4 fish caught, with a total weight of 5lb 12 3/4 oz

(Best basket, J.B. Bell with two Brown Trout weighing 3lb 5oz.



(Outing 7)

Loch Leven – 

3rd July (Evening outing)

Conditions – Good

6 rods

1 trout (weighing 1lb) caught


(Outing 8)

The Lake of Menteith –

4th August (Day outing)

Conditions – Wet at times, clear in afternoon, generally good
9 rods

19 trout, with a total weight of 50lb 14oz
(One member caught 5 trout, weighing 16lb 2oz.)






(Outing 9)

 The Lake of Menteith –

22nd September (day outing)

Conditions – good, a bit windy at times.Eight rods 34 trout (weighing    97lb 10oz)



(Outing 10)

Butterstone Reservoir –

11th September (Day outing)

Conditions – Good at times, with wind changing direction throughout the day.

10 rods,

30 trout caught, weighing 66lb 8oz


(Outing 11)

 The Lake of Menteith –

 18th August (Day outing)

Conditions – Good with a slight breeze

9 Rods,35 trout caught, weighing 95lb 3oz.


 Loch Leven.

 Before 1830, the Loch had four islands; afterwards it had seven. Today, most of the Loch is no more than six feet deep with the exception of two areas with a depth of approximately 60 feet near Scart and St Serf’s islands. Fish here for the world famous brown trout.
































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