The Trout Anglers’ Club Edinburgh (1899 ~)

Members Edinburgh Trout Anglers’ Club

29 Dundas Street Edinburgh



If you are interested in joining our club and/or finding out more, please come along on a Tuesday night after 5 pm to have a look round and have a friendly chat with our club members. All are welcome..

The Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club 29 Dundas Street.

Over the years the club has been graced with several anglers who have gone on to achieve international honors on both the rivers and lochs and any new members will only learn from their experience.

Those members of the club who do not have a personal echo sounder and fish finder, may find these depth maps of hundreds of Scottish Lochs very useful URL Link Below. Scottish Lochs: Loch Leven. Lake of Menteith:

Submitted By John Langlands.

Edinburgh Trout Anglers’ Club Outings 2018 

Please note that the under noted venues/dates have been reserved for this year’s season. Five boats have been reserved for each outing.

Linlithgow Loch           Friday 20th April                Day outing.
Lake of Menteith          Friday 4th May                   Day outing    
Black Loch                    Friday 18th May                 Evening outing
Lake of Menteith           Friday 8th June                 Evening outing
Black Loch                    Friday 27th July                 Evening outing

Carron Valley                 Friday 10th August           Day outing
Lake of Menteith           Friday 7th September       Day outing
Lake of Menteith           Thursday 4th October       Day outing

Please also note that a number of members’ subscriptions for 2017/2018 have not yet been received

Edinburgh Trout Anglers’ Outings 2018

(Outing 1) Friday 20th April

Linlithgow Loch

Best early season lures will be black and green tadpoles; ace of spades and various dancers.    Best flies should be cormorants and daiwl bachs on a midge tip line.

Anglers  should not to fish too light a line.   Anything less than 8lb nylon or FL carbon will not stand up to the savage takes.

Linlithgow Loch –  (Day outing)
Conditions, good with a cold wind.
8 rods,
15 fish caught, weighing 39lb 5oz
Heaviest basket, 4 fish weighing 10lb 1oz

Linlithgow Loch Web Site

Linlithgow-Loch Weather Forcast

(Outing 2)  Friday 4th May

The Lake of Menteith

The Lake of Menteith – (Day outing)
10 rods
22 fish caught, weighing 54lb 6oz
20 fish returned
Heaviest fish – 4llb 15oz
Heaviest baskets (2), 4 fish weighing 9lb 12oz.

Lake of Menteith Web Site

Lake-of-Menteith Weather Forcast


Tips on Fly Fishing Lake of Menteith

(Outing 3)  The Black Loch

A floating line with a fab or a candy booby on the point, and two diawl bach’s suspended just under the surface, was working very well. Also using a single sedge dry fly worked very well.

(Outing 3) 

The Black Loch Fishery – Friday 18th May (Evening outing)

Conditions ;- Good, with a slight wind, and overcast

8 rods, 18 fish caught, weighing 40lb 9oz   3

Heaviest basket , 5 fish weighing 10lb 14oz.

Black Loch Fishery Web Site

The Black Loch Slamannan Weather Forcast

(Outing 4)

The Lake of Menteith

The Lake of Menteith – Friday 8th June (Evening outing)

Conditions ;- Good. although air temperature was lower than water temperature.

6 rods.

(Outing 5)

Black Loch Fishery – Friday 27th July

Conditions ;- Good at first, then some thunder and lightning

9 rods

19 fish caught, weighing 37lb 8oz

Heaviest basket, 5 fish weighing 11lb 4oz

(Outing 6)

Carron Valley Reservoir – Friday 10th August

Conditions;- Good, with some rain and wind

9 rods

11 fish caught, 7 Rainbow Trout and 4 Brown Trout

Heaviest basket, 3 fish weighing 5lb 11oz.

(Outing 7)

The Lake of Menteith – Friday 7th September

Conditions, good all day

7 rods

25 fish caught, weighing 70lb 10oz

Heaviest fish – 5lb 9oz

(Outing 8)

The Lake of Menteith -Thursday 4th October

Conditions, A bit windy and wet at times

9 rods

25 rainbow trout weighing 54lb 6oz and one brown trout weighing 5lb 12oz caught,

Heaviest basket, 4 trout weighing 12lb 6oz.

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