The Trout Anglers Club Edinburgh (1899 ~)

Members Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club


Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club Secretary.

Alan Gray

29 Dundas Street Edinburgh

EH16 6XQ


If you are interested in joining our club and/or finding out more, please come along on a Tuesday night after 5 pm to have a look round and have a friendly chat with our club members. All are welcome..

The Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club 29 Dundas Street.

Over the years the club has been graced with several anglers who have gone on to achieve international honors on both the rivers and lochs and any new members will only learn from their experience.

Clubs Secretary

Alan Gray


Those members of the club who do not have a personal echo sounder and fish finder, may find these depth maps of hundreds of Scottish Lochs very useful URL Link Below. Scottish Lochs: Loch Leven. Linlithgow Loch: Lake of Menteith:

Submitted By John Langlands.

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