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Fishing in Scotland

Scotland has a vast range of year round fishing and much of it is indisputably world class. It’s far easier than you think to access and often very modestly priced too. Add in the many other things that Scotland has to offer and you have all the essential ingredients for a memorable fishing holiday.


Scotland is the home of salmon fishing and its famous rivers attract anglers from all over the world. Anyone who has mastered the art of speycasting will want to visit the Spey. Those seeking the river that now catches the most Atlantic salmon in the world, will find it in Scotland, but don’t forget that there is yet another that catches the most spring fish!

Trout & Grayling

Our wild trout fishing is also of superb quality, whether it be in the remote small rivers and lochs of our beautiful hills and glens, or the more sedate, lowland rivers in their lush countryside. There is also a range of excellent stocked trout fishing and some very productive grayling fishing.


Wild pike fishing is Scotland’s hidden gem with much of it in wild and beautiful scenery. There are also opportunities to fish for carp, bream and many other popular species.


Scotland has excellent and very varied sea fishing, from both shore and boat, with stunning coastal scenery to match. Species are numerous but the skate and tope fishing off our west coast are of particular note.

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How easy is it to access?

Even the best rivers have vacancies at most times of the year and many of them are listed on this site. Try the find fishing page or go to the relevant sections on salmon, trout & grayling, coarse and sea fishing, where you can find more detailed search forms or lists of suitable fisheries.

What will it cost?

Prices vary hugely but there is always plenty of availability at modest prices even on famous rivers like Tweed, Tay, Spey and Dee. Again do a rod search to see the costs of what is on offer at the moment, or go to the relevant species section.

Where and when should I go?

Each river area in the salmon section has its own pages on where and when to go, so please refer to these for advice. The other species sections also offer lists of fisheries and general advice.

How do I book?

To book online, go to find fishing and then click the ‘week of’ date for the week and fishery that you want to fish. The booking system is very easy to use and, on payment, will immediately issue you with a permit and joining instructions by email. At the same time it will notify the fishery of your booking, so they know to expect you. You do not need a licence to fish in Scotland. Just print off your permit and take it with you.

How can I get help?

Our help desk is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (01573 470612) and our friendly staff can offer you impartial advice and also take manual bookings for you. If you would like more local advice, check out the list of Guides and Tackleshops in our resources section.

River Spey salmon

Spey salmon being returned

Wild brown trout

Wild brown trout fishing

Bream, Castle Loch

Specimen pike, Loch Awe

Sea Fishing, Luce Bay

Heading out of Luce Bay


Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club Season 2010 Results

Edinburgh Trout Anglers Club Events Calendar.

(2010 Season).



Outing 11

The Lake of Menteith Thursday 23rd September (day outing)

Conditions – good 11 rods 38 trout caught,

with a combined weight of 93lb 4oz.


Outing 10

Glencorse Reservoir – Sunday 5th September (day outing)

Conditions, Bright and windy 10 rods 11 trout caught,

with a combined weight of 20lb 8oz.

Outing 9

The Lake of Menteith – Thursday 19th August (day outing)

Conditions, Very wet in morning. Good conditions in afternoon.

10 rods,

24 trout caught, with a combined weight of 55lb.

Outing 7

Crosswood Reservoir – 29th July

Conditions – Bright, a bit cold

11 rods

18 trout caught, with a combined weight of 38lb 4oz

Outing 8

The Lake of Menteith – 5th August

Conditions – Bright and breezy

11 rods

23 trout caught, with a combined weight of 43lb 3/4oz.

Outing 6

Loch Leven – Thursday 24th June

Conditions – Good (breezy later) 10 rods 13 trout caught, with a combined weight of 13lb 11oz.

Outing 5

Frandy Reservoir – Tuesday 15th June

Conditions – Warm with slight breeze, generally good.

14 rods,

26 trout caught, with a combined weight of 56lb 8oz.



Outing 4

Carron Valley Fishery – Sunday 6th June.


Conditions – good

13 rods

13 trout caught with a combined weight of 22lb 12oz.


Outing 3 (Evening)

Glencorse Reservoir – Sunday 23rd May

Conditions – Bright with a cold wind 13 rods 6 trout caught with a combined weight of 10lb 3oz.


Outing 2

The Lake of Menteith – Tuesday 11th May

Conditions – Fair, with wind changing in direction throughout day. Cool, with snow flurries.

11 rods,

33 trout caught, with a combined weight of 55lb. 10oz


Outing 1

Glencorse Reservoir – 2nd May

Conditions – Fair, generally overcast with cold wind.

11 rods,35 trout, weighing 74lb 3oz.Heaviest fish, a Rainbow Trout weighing 6lb 6oz.

Our guest caught a fish estimated to weigh in double figures. Unfortunately (for the angler) he had already obtained his maximum for the day.


Edinburgh Trout Anglers at Menteith